PWS MINAR - Our Aims and Objectives


  • Welfare of the cancer patient
  • Management / Rehabilitation of the cancer patients
  • To provide diagnostic facilities to the cancer patients
  • Provision of the Anti Cancer and other therapeutics requisites
  • Ambulatory facilities for the patient
  • Development and placement of human resources
  • To raise funds / sources for the welfare of the cancer patients
  • To support / cooperate with other welfare agencies




  1. Provision of/medicines to the needy patients.
  2. Provision of furniture and equipment etc. to the Hospital for the patient welfare purposes.
  3. Transportation of dead bodies through Edhi Ambullance.
  4. Establishment of Pharmacy for provision of medicines of good quality and low cost as compared to the local market.
  5. Establishment of Tuck Shop.
  6. Utilizing the amount of profit from pharmacy and tuck shop on the welfare of patients.
  7. In Food support program, dry rashan are provided to the deserving cancer patients.



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